Artist: Zipera

Zipera is well-known polish hip-hop group, consisting of three members Zip Sklad, that is: Pono, Fu, Koras. It appeared in hip-hop in 2000, with the album "O.N.F.R." Between 2001 - 2004 they didn't work as Zipera. Pono and Fu created their own albums, Koras rapped on many albums as a guest for example with WWO, Pono, Fu, Molesta, WNB, Wlodi, WSP, Dj Decks. In February 2004, after a long wait, Zipera produced a new album "Druga strona medalu" on PROSTO. Discography: "Druga strona medalu" "O.N.F.R." ead more on Last.fm

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