Artist: Ramirez

1) a Hispanic rapper from San Francisco. Ramirez (stylized RVMIRXZ) is a rapper in the record label Grey 59 with Ruby da Cherry and $crim. He draws influences from UGK, Outkast, DJ Screw, KeKe, and Andre Nickatina. He is 20 years old and he gained underground fame from making two collaboration mixtapes with the $uicideboy$. 2) A Brazillian indie rock band from Rio de Janeiro. www.ramirez.art.br 3) A Grindcore Thrash band from Winnipeg, Manitoba(Adam, Joel, Steve, Jay, Alex)- super fast satanic grindcore from the praries. 4) An oldschool house project. This was a project of the Italian/Spanish DFC (Dancefloor Coorporation)

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